Rethinking Injustice. A Philosophical Approach


  • Teresa Santiago Oropeza



injustice, socioeconomic vulnerability, misfortune, victims


The present article reevaluates the question of social injustice, with the aim of building a useful characterization for political philosophy. The main hypothesis is that the subject of injustice is as important as that of justice—of which there are distinguished philosophical theories—but it cannot be entirely understood if it is considered merely as its opposite. Supporting this idea, three dimensions of social injustice are developed: bad distribution of goods and services, socioeconomic exclusion, and disempowerment, which are put to the test in one particular case. Furthermore, the importance of distinguishing injustice from bad luck or misfortune is pointed out. These considerations lead, in the last part of the text, to a discussion of the issue of victims and the possibility of change.



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Santiago Oropeza, T. (2018). Rethinking Injustice. A Philosophical Approach. Isonomía - Revista De teoría Y filosofía Del Derecho, (49), 45–69.



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