Rethinking the Equality

Scopes of the Real Equality


  • Liliana Ronconi



equality, non discrimination, proportionality, non submission, redistribution, recognition, representation


In this paper I aim to work the different “equality” conceptions that arise from the conventional and constitutional framework. So, I will work with two different concepts of equality. First, I will examine the problems of the classical conception of equality —i.e. legal equality— closer to the classical liberal thought and individualistic. This conception is predominant in the discussion and application of the principle of equality but inadequate to face structural inequalities. Secondly, I will analyze the broader and original conception of equality —i.e. real equality-, in order to understand the structural causes of inequality. This conception of equality needs to analyze the ways in which these inequality situations can be alleviated. In this sense, I will work the implications of the positive, restorative and transformative actions with a more complex theoretical framework of the redistribution, recognition and representation.



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Ronconi, L. (2018). Rethinking the Equality: Scopes of the Real Equality. Isonomía - Revista De teoría Y filosofía Del Derecho, (49), 103–140.



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