Alberto Puppo, a disciple of the Genoese school of legal realism, is a full time Professor and Researcher in the Law Department of ITAM (Mexico). Before coming to ITAM, he has worked in different Universities in France, and in particular with the Centre de Théorie du Droit de Paris X - Nanterre.   A member of the SNI (Level II), the Mexican National System of Researchers, he holds a degree in law (University of Genoa, Italy) and a PhD in Analytical philosophy and general theory of law (University of Milan, Italy).  Since 1999 he has authored several books and articles in Spanish, French, English and Italian. His current research focuses on the relationship between Kelsen's theory of law, international peace, and Judaism. In this context, he has co-edited, with Dawid Bunikowski, Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God (Springer 2020).