Francisca Pou Giménez is a professor of Constitutional Law at ITAM (Mexico) and belongs to the National System of Researchers of Mexico (Level II). She holds a JSD and LLM. from Yale University and a law degree from Pompeu Fabra University, where she also obtained the Public Law Doctorate Research Certification.Her work focuses on topics such as constitutional reform and other forms of constitutional change; comparative analysis of Latin American and Mexican constitutionalism; constitutionality review; the design and performance of the judiciary; and the judicial guarantee of fundamental rights, with a special interest in anti-discrimination law and gender issues. She has been a visiting professor at universities in Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Italy, and is general co-coordinator of SELA (Seminar on Latin American Constitutional and Political Theory, sponsored by Yale University together with a large group of Latin American universities). She is a member of academic associations such as the International Society of Public Law or  the American Society of Comparative Law, as well as member of the General Assembly of GIRE (the most important public interest litigation NGO in the domain of reproductive rights). She was editor in chief of Isonomía for more than five years and pertains to the editorial or advisory boards of other academic journals.