Construction of Equal Treatment or Dilemma of Democracy


  • Rolando Tamayo y Salmorán Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



rights, democracy, equal treatment, political community, access to justice, due process


The article explores the relations between law, democracy and equal treatment, developing in the way the meaning of notions such us “political community”, “political acts” or “rights” and setting forth a specific understanding of what could be properly called “democratic rights” in whose context the right to have equal access to judicial protection plays a crucial role. The analysis combines inquiry at the level of legal language with inquiry at the philosophical, philological, historical and sociopolitical levels, in congruence with the idea that historical sources (social facts and their theoretical explanation) are axes that encircle both legal life and the democratic game (where it exists).



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Tamayo y Salmorán, R. (2019). Construction of Equal Treatment or Dilemma of Democracy. Isonomía - Revista De teoría Y filosofía Del Derecho, (42), 111–145.



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